Jersey City Reunion founder decides to stay on a little longer

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 28, 2012

By Shavonne Potts
Earlier this month, Jersey City Reunion founder David Campbell made a big decision to step down from organizing the annual event because of declining health. But after getting so much support from participants, Campbell says he’s decided to continue.
“As the event got well under way, there was an abundance of love, support and spirituality and praises from people I’ve never met,” Campbell said.
There were supporters who told Campbell at the event they would take on the majority of the planning if he would remain a part of the event. Campbell said he was so overwhelmed that people did not want to see him step down. He said the decision to stay is one he’ll have to turn to God for the right answer.
“God has something more in store for me that I don’t grasp,” he said.
Campbell said it made him feel good that others volunteered to help. And he’ll be calling on those who promised to help next year.
This year’s reunion, held July 13-14, was the eighth time they’ve held the event since the first one in 1999.
Each year, all of the activities take place at Jersey City Park on West Kerr Street, and at Campbell’s home, directly across the street from the park.
“I will always love my neighborhood from which I came,” he said.
Every year at the event, a family or individual is honored. Next year’s nominees are the Kellys, who had the largest family with 11 children; Steve Gilmore and his wife, who are the only original couple still living in Jersey City; and Vietta Roberts, 87, who is the oldest resident in the neighborhood.