Kannapolis water discolored by manganese

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 9, 2012

KANNAPOLIS — Many Kannapolis residents are experiencing discoloration in their water. Reports throughout the city describe the water color as ranging from a pale yellow to orange, depending on the location.
According to John Erickson at the Water Treatment Plant, “The extreme heat of the past two weeks has caused an influx of manganese from Kannapolis Lake. Manganese is a naturally-occurring mineral, and is not considered harmful to drink.” However, the discoloration can cause stains, so residents should be cautious of doing laundry, especially white clothing.
The city is working very hard to resolve this issue as soon as possible. John Erickson further explains, “We are working on removal of the manganese at the Water Treatment Plant, and are flushing hydrants at problem areas of the distribution system throughout the city.”
According to the Water Treatment Plant, residents should see noticeable reductions in the discoloration by the end of the day today, and the issue is expected to be completely resolved by Wednesday.
The city has been posting regular updates and answering residents’ questions on their Facebook page. Individuals may also call Public Works at 704-920-4200 if they have any additional questions or concerns.