Blackwelder Park Baptist Church supports West Virginia mission

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 6, 2012

On June 18, a team of 18 adults, youth and children traveled to the Mountain Marketplace Mission in Webster Springs, W.Va.
The mission was founded by Lilly and Gary Melton. They have given their lives and possessions to minister to the people in that area who need assistance to survive in a tough region of the country where jobs are basically nonexistent. People once found jobs there in the coal mines.
Christians of all denominations from different areas of the United States are helping Lilly and Gary keep the mission open. As food, personal hygiene items, clothes and furniture are donated to the mission, these servants of God disseminate them to the people as needs arise.
In the mornings, the team members primarily worked in the mission packing 400 bags of groceries for the needy people of Webster County and six surrounding counties. On Thursday of that week, team members assisted in the distribution of the packed bags as well as mingling with the people to share God’s word. The younger ones on the team (ages 5-12) were very active at the mission and learned what missions are all about and hopefully learn that to give is better than receive.
In the afternoons, under the direction of Norma Rose, the mission team worked at the Circle Brooke Manor apartments in Cowen providing a three-day Vacation Bible School (VBS) to resident children. The team taught Bible stories, played games, helped them with crafts to take home. The craft time and Bible time were coordinated so that the theme being taught was reinforced.
During recreation time, one of the activities was to play with the parachute, which was very popular with the kids. As in any VBS, the daily highlight was receiving special prizes and refreshments.
Team members will never forget that when the team arrived each day, the kids would meet the van and yell, “They’re here! They’re here!”
The Bible School participants and parents at Circle Brooke Manor surely knew team members loved them and wanted them to know the love of Jesus.
Another team from Blackwelder Park Baptist will be going to the Mountain Market Place on Aug. 20 to help the mission doing whatever is needed at the time. If you would like to know how your church can assist Lilly and Gary in their ministry or send a team, please call the church at 704-932-4266.