Comments pour in on Facebook

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 3, 2012

On reporters’ Facebook and Twitter accounts and the Salisbury Post website Tuesday, the Post asked readers to share some of their thoughts on Andy Griffith and their favorite quotes or episodes from “The Andy Griffith Show.”
Here’s a sampling:
Chad W. Mitchell: What a fan I am of the AGS! Growing up, I had all the collector cards in the set and learned things I didn’t already know about the show and its characters. Especially the ones that you didn’t see as often, like Ernest T. Bass! I am also the father of 4-year-old twins and find myself quoting Andy to calm an argument, even quoting short liners to “ham it up” in order to cheer ‘em up. Also participated, as have others, in the Bible study that parallels the show’s various episodes. Andy and the complete cast are treasures and will never be duplicated.
Debbie Drane Albright: What a actor! He knew how to draw you into his character. His show was about a single dad when single dads were not the norm. He taught Opie right from wrong. He had values and respected others. Rare in this day.
Eric Hall: I love his Andy Griffith character because my own daddy in our hometown of Salisbury was just like him in so many ways.
Mike Cline: “Barney, you beat everything, you know that!”
Sandra Jackson: Andy Taylor: [after learning Barney has spilled the beans about the gold shipment] “Somewhere between here and Denver is $7 million headed for Mayberry, and you and me and Gomer and Laura Lee Hobbs, we’re gonna’ receive it.”
Sandra Jackson: Sheriff Andy Taylor: “Somewhere wandering loose around Mayberry is a loaded goat.”
Lauren West: “Aunt Bee, call the man!”
Eddie Moore: Lost another great American.
Steven Craig Shirley: I still watch his show. I have several episodes on VHS and DVD, and I record two episodes daily on DVR. We have even used it to teach Sunday School.
Michelle Lynn: RIP Andy Griffith.
David Funk: RIP Andy Griffith. Loved his show and also his portrayal as Ben Matlock. Another legend has left. Condolences to family and friends.
Wesley LeRoy: RIP Andy Griffith. Great actor and a wonderful person.
Jeff R. Kirby: RIP Andy Griffith, a true home state hero for my entire life.
Andrew Mason: RIP Andy Griffith. I loved Matlock and the Andy Griffith show.
Will Robinson: Man oh man, I’m in shock. Childhood favorite, hometown hero, our family model. Andy Griffith will be missed.
Martha Hutson: RIP, Andy Griffith. Thanks for your humor and your wisdom.
Amanda Ford: Thinking of Andy Griffith’s passing reminds me of how much I miss my grandfather’s laughter. He was so funny and he loved to laugh.
Delores Russell: He will be missed! We need more shows like “The Andy Griffith Show” instead of the trash they have now!
Mandy Evans: Loved his shows and his personality … He never let his celebrity status go to his head. Wish there were more shows and actors like him! RIP Andy you will be missed!
Jesse Hendrix: I always liked Andy Griffith.
C. Ann Rozmaryn: RIP Andy. Thanks for the memories. What another treasure gone … but at peace.
Patti Trexler: I still love his shows. He will be truly missed.
Jerry Clevenger: An American icon and hero!