Published 12:00 am Monday, July 2, 2012

This photograph is from Rachel Oestreicher Bernheim’s sixth birthday party, held May 15, 1949, at the Oestreicher home on South Fulton Street, Salisbury. A brief newspaper account of the party, in the Post’s society pages, said Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Oestreicher entertained “65 young friends at the party.” The newspaper said, “The children played games in the back yard, such things as farmer in the dell, drop the handkerchief and London Bridge. … Five awards were presented, the winners who were Edna Grimes, Tommy Thurston, Anna Foss (or possibly Ross), Mary Jane Fowler. During the games, moving pictures were made in color of the children.” The article added that “Mrs. Gettys Guille, Mrs. Charles Putzel, Mrs. Sidney Blackmer, Mrs. Jim Ketner and also Jane and Fran Wagoner and Judy Kay Hudson helped Mrs. Oestreicher direct the games.” Rachel’s grandmother for whom she was named, Rachel Wallace Oestreicher, sits nearest to the children.