Quotes of the week – 6-29-2012

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 28, 2012

“We’ve had a lot of the same people volunteering for years and years and years. Chances are if your daddy fried hamburgers and he’s gone, now you fry hamburgers.”
Faith Fourth organizer Gloria Wilhelm

“It’s been a long road. The center opened in the beginning of a storm, but it has weathered the storm well and sales have improved for everybody.”
Developer Michael Smith, managing partner with Collett, on Wallace Commons shopping center
“It took awhile, but it beat the Blackmer House project to death.”
Jim Whitton, on restoration of the town well beside Rowan Public Library
“We’ve all seen it as an opportunity in some shape or form. We just don’t know what it represents.”
Kannapolis Councilman Ryan Dayvault, on former K-Town store, warehouse and related property, all recently foreclosed upon