Fans help seniors keep cool

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 28, 2012

Those who are disabled also may be eligible for air conditioning
By Kierra Perry
As temperatures head toward triple digits, everyone — especially the elderly and disabled — will be trying to find a way to remain cool.
Rufty-Holmes Senior Center and Rowan Helping Ministries are partnering to make that happen for those who are in need of cooling fans or an air conditioner.
Senior citizens and those who are disabled might need an extra hand in trying to stay cool. That’s why the senior center is providing anyone over 60 or disabled with a cooling fan at no charge.
But the center doesn’t have many fans left. The agency has already given out 93 fans. Someone has already put in a request for most of the next 50.
“We didn’t receive as many fans as we received last year and most of them are already reserved,” said Susan Davis, administrative assistant.
“We hope to receive more next week, but what we have coming in is almost gone.”
Sometimes others are willing to help when people are promoting good services.
The Rowan County United Way has given additional funding to Rufty-Holmes to buy more fans.
Rowan Helping Ministries is willing to help those of any age who may be in need of cooling assistance.
“When temperatures are 85 degrees and above, and a person cannot afford any type of cooling assistance, we normally help them out, although those who are in need of cooling must be facing a crisis or must be in a situation where they really cannot afford air conditioning,” said Sherry Smith, director of client services.
For Rowan Helping Ministries, those in need of cooling assistance must provide verification forms to show they’re eligible for free services, she said.
A person representing a household must provide income verification for the past 30 days, a Social Security card, photo identification, documentation to prove they’re in a crisis and an Employment Security Commission job search printout.
All these documents are needed to be eligible for these services.