My Turn: Some good and bad things about N.C.

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 3, 2012

By Victor S. Farrah
Having moved here from Pennsylvania in 2009, I am aware of several bad things happening in North Carolina:
• The roads in Salisbury need to be repaired since there are all kinds of patches and potholes in this area and around the state.
• The railroad crossings on U.S. 29 near Spencer need to be replaced and the crossing on Jake Alexexander Boulevard near Faith Road is a menace. Norfolk and Southern Railroad has a lot of road-crossing working to be done.
• Mooresville Road/N.C. 150 is a disgrace. People drive too fast, and the speed limit should be reduced.
• Jake Alexander Boulevard near N.C. 150 is a great place for a horrific accident. Trucks and traffic go way too fast for safety.
• Many roads lack solid shoulders, which can cause serious accidents when wet.
• Who allows those mopeds and scooters on the roads without any insurance? This is outrageous!
• Tractor-trailer trucks should be required to stay in the right lane. This was done on the Ohio Turnpike, which reduced accidents.
• Many people do not use their turn signals and use cell phones while driving.
• Why not a stricter motor vehicle inspection program and stricter enforcement of it? I often see vehicles with bad sheet metal and broken windshields. Pennsylvania has a record of low accident rates from mechanical failure due to its tough inspection laws.
• What is happening to the education lottery funds? The governor wants to raise taxes to help fund schools.
Now, let’s look at what is good about North Carolina and our area:
• The people here are much more concerned about each other, much more so than in the North.
• The trees and flowers and the natural beauty make this a gorgeous state. We should not tolerate any litter on our roads; our beautiful state does not deserve it.
• The churches are numerous and well attended, making the nickname “Bible Belt” appropriate.
• The interest in preserving old buildings is appreciated! The homes in Salisbury’s downtown area are wonderfully preserved and maintained.
• There are many fine museums like the Transportation Museum that are interesting and appreciated by visitors.
• The National Cemetery is a great memorial to our brave service veterans.
• The VA Medical Center is a wonderful busy facility with an efficient and dedicated staff.
• High Rock Lake and Lake Norman are great and lovely places to boat and fish.
• The new bridge over the Yadkin River is a magnificent structure!
• Charlotte is a centerpiece of commerce and a beautiful gateway to many lovely areas.
• The Concord area, with the speedway and many fine shopping areas, is a real asset to North Carolina.
• The airport at Charlotte is a busy and beautiful environment.
• The Appalachian and Smokey mountains, including the beautiful Biltmore estate, are certainly a peaceful place and a joy to behold!
• At its zenith, North Carolina was the fabric and furniture capital of the world! This area will once again become an industrial leader.
• The medical facilities are bountiful and most efficient. Duke, Chapel Hill, Baptist, Presbyterian, Rowan Regional Medical Center — what fine facilities. My own experience with prostate cancer began here. I was diagnosed in 2002 on a visit to Salisbury but returned to Pennsylvania for my initial treatment before moving here. I wish all my treatment had been performed here. I have survived due to the excellent treatment in Salisbury.
What a blessing it was to move to North Carolina! May God bless the people and the state of North Carolina. This was the best move I ever made.

Victor Farrah lives in Salisbury.

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