Meet Salisbury's Alex Nianouris

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 17, 2012

Name: Alex Nianouris
School: Salisbury
Sport: Golf
Family: Dad Eric, Mom Tami, sister Emma
Birth date: March 20, 1994
Nickname: Nianouris
Hidden talent: Baseball
Hobbies: Traveling, church league basketball
Favorite restaurant: Grandmother’s kitchen
Favorite color: Red
Favorite class: Calc AB
Favorite TV: SportsCenter
Top movie: Step Brothers
My team: Davidson Wildcats
Favorite athlete: Tiger Woods
Favorite musician: Drake
Words that best describe me: Intelligent, kind, relaxed
Dream date: Kate Upton
Actor starring in the movie about my life: Tom Hanks
Rival: Anyone ahead of me
Greatest accomplishment: Striking out Scott Van der Poel in Little League
Prized possessions: Family and championship ring
If I’m a millionaire by age 20, I will: Donate to church and buy a Porsche and a nice house