Fashion tips from a pro

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 13, 2012

• Know the best design lines for your shape
• Know your best colors
• Buy classics in quality fabrics
• Invest in three great-fitting slacks in neutral colors
• Have 1-2 great-fitting jeans
• Have two classic skirts
• Have 5-8 shells/tanks in white, black, neutrals
• Invest in classic jackets to last many seasons
• Structure your wardrobe to be 70 percent basics and classics and 30 percent trendy items
• Accessories dress up your classics and make them look new
• If it’s perfect, classic and you love it, buy two
• Weed out your closet
• Purge old, pilled, stained and dull clothes
• Try on and check fit; if it doesn’t fit, take for alterations or give away.
• Only buy clothes that make you feel good.
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