Meadowbrook Pool pays outstanding tax bill

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 10, 2012

By Emily Ford
SALISBURY — Meadowbrook Pool has paid its outstanding property tax bill, and Rowan County has stopped foreclosure proceedings against the property.
The pool paid the $5,412 balance this week, Deputy Tax Collector Janet Phillips said.
Pool stockholders who own the pool owed taxes from 2008 to 2010, Phillips said. Rowan County filed a judgment with the Clerk of Court on Feb. 22, giving the pool 90 days to pay or go to auction.
President Kim Bowden said the community responded to her plea and kicked in enough money to pay the taxes and open the pool as planned May 26. The pool now has 42 families as members, and more than half are new, Bowden said.
“We are going to move forward,” she said. “We’ve had a great response.”
Nine people also have stepped up to help Bowden run the facility, she said. Pool board members plan to host a table at Night Out on the Town Friday in Salisbury to recruit 18 additional families.
They also hope to raise another $5,000 for pool upgrades by asking 500 people and businesses to donate $10 to the pool, Bowden said.
The pool is located at the end of Welch Road and is not affiliated with the Meadowbrook neighborhood. Bowden plans to be open from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day. To join, call 704-213-7742.
Contact reporter Emily Ford at 704-797-4264.