Elect 2012: Voters remain confused about Amendment One

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 8, 2012

By Shavonne Potts
Paul Hager holds strongly to his Christian beliefs, he said, and used those beliefs to form his opinion about the Amendment One issue today at the polls.
Hager, of China Grove, was at the China Grove Community Building early Tuesday to vote.
“I believe in what the Bible speaks about one man and one woman,” he said.
Hager said he’s found a lot of people confused by the amendment’s wording as well as the signs and politicians’ speeches.
Hager said there were two signs about the Amendment he actually stopped his car to read.
He feels as though it’s not just the older generation that’s confused, but younger people, as well.
To gain his own sense of clarity, Hager called the Chamber of Commerce and asked questions.
He said it’s important to know what’s going to be on the ballot.
What’s roused Hager’s interest has been those running for Rowan County commissioners. There are 15 candidates running for two open seats.
Hager has looked to see what each candidate’s stance was on taxes and education, particularly the Rowan-Salisbury School System’s new central office.
“You don’t really know who to vote for,” said Lucy Havrischak.
She said she did cast her vote for Bob Etheridge, who is running for governor.
Jerry and Dianne Heilig said they both looked at the newspaper, where they read about different candidates’ positions on certain issues.
They also watched television to learn about the issues.
One of the more difficult decisions was who to vote for for Rowan County Commissioners.
Since there are so many candidates it made it hard, Dianne Heilig said.
Phyllis Swinson of Rockwell said an important issue she’s been following is Amendment One. The Rowan County Commissioner’s race is the one she’s been watching.
Swinson and her husband, Kenny, are both business owners and because of work were not able to attend the forums, but watched the televised versions.
Before heading to work, the couple voted at the East Rowan Branch of Rowan Public Library.
“We just hope the right one gets in there,” she said.
Justin Hall, also of Rockwell, said what’s piqued his interest was the congressional race and Amendment One.
He watched television debates and forums, which didn’t change his mind, but reaffirmed his thoughts, he said just after voting.
“I am completely for it,” he said of the amendment.
Hall believes both Republicans and Democrats have led to the confusion on the Amendment issue.
Once Hall was able to get a sample ballot, that helped explain a bit, he said.
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