Meet The Players: Carson's Jan Sitterson

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 3, 2012

Name: Jan Sitterson
School: Carson
Sports: Track, cross country
Family: Mother Kay Sitterson
Birth date: Feb. 18, 1994
Nickname: Janny Fanny
Personal motto: Live your life day by day
Favorite restaurant: Red Lobster
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite animal: Gazelle
Favorite class: AP Calculus with Mr. Fink
Favorite TV: Big Bang Theory
Favorite movie: Finding Nemo
Favorite musician: Josh Turner
Job: Dan Nicholas Park
Words that best describe me: Smart, outgoing, funny
Celebrity dream date: Johnny Depp
Biggest rival: East Rowan
Greatest accomplishment: All-county high jumper
Career goal: Biostatistician
If I’m a millionaire by age 20, I will: Buy Carson a rubber track