Published 12:00 am Monday, April 30, 2012

Betty Dan Spencer supplied this early 20th century Theo Buerbaum postcard, which shows the home of onetime Salisbury Mayor A.H. “Baldy” Boyden. Also in the photograph are the Henderson Law Office at the corner of Church and Fisher streets and the Old Town Well, which is scheduled to have a new cover later this spring. The late historian Jim Brawley wrote once that Boyden’s home, where the Rowan Public Library now stands, was “a mecca for northern sportsmen who came south annually for the hunting that abounded in the woods of Rowan.” As a young man after the Civil War, Boyden was known as a high-stakes gambler and an avid hunter, with some of the finest hunting dogs in the state. “The Philadelphia Foxes, Lippincotts and Elkins were yearly visitors to the old colonial home of Baldy Boyden,” Brawley wrote. Salisbury High, which used to be Boyden High School before integration, was named for Boyden, who fought for education as mayor from 1901-1909. Boyden also served as Salisbury postmaster during many Democratic administrations, was head of the Rowan County Democratic Party for 25 years and was a state senator. He lived in the house from 1880, when he married his wife, Mary, until his death in 1929. The building was razed 20 years later to make way for the library.