Carolina Artists Student Expo announces winners

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 27, 2012

This year’s Carolina Artists Student Expo drew 795 pieces of artwork — which means that 795 young artists participated, since each student is allowed only one entry.
The expo is an annual event hosted in collaboration with the Salisbury Civic Center. It is open to all art students in Rowan County in grades K-12, including public school students, private school students, and home school students. This year’s expo was organized by Ingrid Erickson.The theme was “Celebrating the Artist.”
At a reception Thursday evening, where winners were announced, students participated in free “make and take” called “gyotaku,” or fish printing, a centuries-old Japanese art form.
They also added their self portraits to a Community Artist Mural that also features self portraits by Carolina Artists members. The mural will be displayed in Rowan County after the event.
Carolina Artists members created artist birthday cakes to be enjoyed at the reception.
This year’s event also featured “photo boards” that allowed students to step into famous paintings, like “American Gothic” by the artist Grant Wood and Vermeer’s “Girl With a Pearl Earring.”
Eighth graders in Melinda Hedrick’s class at Knox Middle School created one of the six photo boards. Their artwork features a version of the Mona Lisa and VanGogh’s Starry Night.
Middle and high school categories were judged based on creativity and craftsmanship. First and second place awards were given for each grade in the middle school and high school categories. This year’s elementary category was not judged. Elementary prizes were selected at random by grade, with two prizes per grade.
12th grade
1st: Jesse Luo, Jesse Carson HS
2nd: Brittany Cheshire, North Rowan HS
11th grade
1st: Stephanie Sigmon, West Rowan HS
2nd:Sallie-Kate Meyerhoffer, Salisbury HS
10th grade:
1st: Chase Green, West Rowan HS
2nd: Katie Barringer, Jesse Carson HS
9th grade:
1st: Zane Gray, Salisbury HS
2nd: Kayla Poole, East Rowan HS
8th grade:
1st: Megan Telker, Corriher Lipe MS
2nd: Amber Cain, Corriher Lipe MS
7th grade:
1st: Taylor Cook, North Rowan MS
2nd: Ana Romero, Knox MS
6th grade:
1st: Adrena Walker, Knox MS
2nd: Carley Lisk, Corriher Lipe MS