Moment of science

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 23, 2012

Educators aren’t saints, but on Friday in Kannapolis City Schools, they “walked on water.”
It wasn’t a miracle. It was a “Moment of Science.” And it was one of many that took place around Kannapolis as administrators, teachers and students got hands-on — and feet-on — experience with some of the nifty stuff they can do with science.
Students learned how to map stars, built wind turbines and competed in a wind-energy challenge, constructed and programmed robots and did a whole lot more throughout the day.
The focus on science came as Kannapolis hosts events for the North Carolina Science Festival.
The festival, which highlights the educational, cultural and financial impact of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, started earlier this month with events held at venues throughout the state.
It continues this week, with the Kannapolis Police Department offering a look today at crime scene technology, accident reconstruction, and patrol car technology at the Gem Theatre; on Thursday, the Kannapolis Fire Department will talk about basic fire science and more, also at the Gem; and on Saturday, the N.C. Nutrition Research Institute will host the Nutribrain Sing-a-Long with Roger Day, whose new album is “Why Does Gray Matter?”