Budding bee hive creates a buzz at Wells Fargo

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 20, 2012

By Andy Morrissey
The yellow W on the Wells-Fargo bank sign on West Innes Street proved too welcoming for a swarm of bees.
They swarmed in Thursday and went to work building a hive. When bank staff arrived Friday morning, they had a problem to deal with.
The area around the sign was roped off, warning signs went up and staff were greeting customers at the entrance to warn them about the busy bees.
And the bank called in beekeeper Buddy Kyles.
He rolled up with his youngest grandson, Chris, and a pickup bed full of gear. Decked out in protective, the two moved in to remove the bees by hand.
They dropped the skeleton of the hive into a box, closed it and opened a small hole at one end.
If they got the queen, then all of the bees would eventually go into the box. 
Kyles hoped that by nightfall he would have a the beginnings of a new hive to add his beekeeping roster.
Kyles and his grandson will spend the afternoon waiting to see what happens.
More updates to come.