Rookie Science teaches about motion, gravity

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 19, 2012

By Sarah Campbell
KANNAPOLIS — Balloons, plastic grocery bags and Legos combined Wednesday to spark the imaginations of about a dozen children who gathered at the Kannapolis Library.
Linda Duren, a children’s librarian, gave the students a quick tutorial on motion, force and gravity before diving into several hands-on activities.
“We want them to learn that everything’s moving in the world and that they can affect the way things move, making them faster or slower,” she said.
The first experiment was simple. Students blew up a balloon and let it loose, watching it fly to show motion. Duren explained that the amount of air they used demonstrates force.
They also designed and put together parachutes using yarn, plastic bags and construction paper. Gravity came to life as they stood on a short stool and dropped them into the air below.
The children used Legos to build cars, which they raced down a ramp, combining force, motion and gravity.
“We’re trying to make learning fun,” Duren said.
The event, called “Rookie Science,” is part of the North Carolina Science Festival.
Kim Isenhour brought her niece, Reagan Love, to participate Wednesday.
“I try to bring her to everything at the library.” Isenhour said. “She likes to do interactive activities.”
Priscilla Davis said she home schools so she took advantage of Wednesday’s event as another opportunity to educate her children Caleb, 7, Emma, 6, and Colby, 5. She brought along her niece, Kori Lucas, as well.
“They learn better when things are hands on,” she said. “Plus, we love to try anything new.”
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