Letters to the editor – Friday (4-20-2012)

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 19, 2012

Miller will restore county’s reputation
It is important for every citizen in Rowan County to vote. And there has never been a more important time to vote than now! And there has never been a more important person to put in office than Gene Miller.
If you take the time to know who is running for Rowan County commissioner, if you understand the importance of bringing businesses to our county, if you understand the importance of providing a competitive educational system for our children, then you know that Gene Miller is the person to fill those shoes to make that happen.
I am voting for Gene because I know that he will restore a reputation to our county that businesses will feel welcome and want to take root here. I know that Gene understands and promotes education. I know that Gene understands how to cut corners and make wise and frugal financial decisions.
Please vote to put Gene Miller in office as a county commissioner so that we can recover from these hard times and move ahead into a prosperous future.
— Margie Sides
Grateful to Howle
Elaine Howle, Rowan County Veterans Services officer, has received some criticism recently. I wish to express my gratitude to her for help she has provided to me, always in a courteous and efficient manner. She has provided service in a quick and effective way and needs our thanks and support.
— John Whitfield
Openminded to all
Regarding Joe Roberts’ letter (Tuesday, “A traditional view of marriage”):
Sir, I don’t need anyone to tell me anything. First, religion is a personal item, and I personally do not believe it should be involved in government. We do have an item called separation of church and state, but if people like you had their way, we would be living in a situation were religion runs our life 24/7. I personally would not want to live that way, with no freedoms but to live and think the way the church thinks we should. As for gay marriage, marriage should be equally available to all people of this country. I can give my blood to fight wars for this country, but by your standards I will not have equal treatment in all matters except for what you deem I should have.
Sir, you might have 20 years on me, but in our life on this earth we need to be open-minded to all, no matter their race, religious beliefs or sexual orientation. We should strive to live the best we can and try to help each other in all matters, not be a roadblock.
Sir, you are the one who needs to open your eyes and stop believing everything you read on the Internet or in your Bible. Think about what you would do or how you would treat someone you loved (son, daughter, any family member or just a friend) who was gay and wanted to be happy. Do you think you have the right to say no? If the world does not agree with you, then the world is wrong, but in this case, you’re wrong. People need to make this a better country and give equality to all, gay or straight.
We need to help and love our neighbors in all matters, regardless of sexual orientation or race.
— Dennis Wayne Crotts
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