Meet West's Sarah Perrine

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 6, 2012

Name: Sarah Perrine
School: West Rowan
Sports: Volleyball, softball
Family: Father Charles Perrine
Birth date: Oct. 30, 1993
Nickname: Perrine Time
Hidden talent: Knowing every item on the Taco Bell menu
Personal mottos: Always go 100 percent and never give up
Favorite restaurant: Taco Bell
Favorite color: Falcon Blue
Favorite animal: Koala bear
Favorite class: Internship
Favorite TV: How I Met Your Mother
Top movie: Facing the Giants
Favorite team: West Virginia
Favorite athlete: Carson catcher Scottie Hinson
Top musician: Wiz Khalifa
Words that describe me: Determined, aggressive, outgoing
Dream date: Tim Tebow
Actress starring in the movie about my life: Jennifer Aniston
Biggest rival: Everybody
Greatest accomplishment: Softball scholarship at WCU
Prized possession: Lucky cross necklace
Goal: Own my own athletic training facility
If I’m a millionaire by age 20, I will: