Bri Salgado column: Each grade has a different experience

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 8, 2012

By Bri Salgado
Salisbury Post
High school students have very different experiences that come with each grade level.
As a senior, my life has grown and changed so much since the start of my freshman year. Many experiences can be difficult, another lesson to learn.
My toughest school-related experience my senior year would have to be applying to colleges. Admissions departments want top-notch students attending their school, making applications very competitive.
The responses I received from my fellow East Rowan Mustangs differ, depending on the student and the grade level.
Many freshmen are on the same page when it comes to what they consider a “difficult experience.”
Ninth-graders made the transition from middle to high school this year. In high school, the pool of people is much larger than that of middle school.
“The hardest part was getting used to a new setting and all the new people to meet,” said freshman Scott Sapp.
Freshman Ashton Allman said the hardest part for her has been changing into different classes.
Freshman Bays Bost said he is worried about the End of Course tests at the end of the year. In middle school, students take the End of Grade tests. The test is similarly formatted, but if students do not pass the End of Course in high school, they have one chance to retake it or they fail the course and must take the class again.
Sophomore Justin Fuller said his toughest experience has been meeting people in different grades. In middle school, you’re confined to classes with people in your grade level. Now, classes may have all grade levels included. Sophomore year is when many students decide to step out and make friends with other people.
Many students are athletes. Hailey Bartleson said the hardest part of her sophomore year has been “juggling swimming and classes.” Bartleson is taking all honors and Advanced Placement classes, competing for a spot in the top 10 of her graduating class.
Juniors Elizabeth Schumacher and Jessye Allman both said the hardest part of their year has been AP U.S. History.
Junior Tonia Dimarzo said her toughest experience of the school year has been trying to decide what she needs to do to give herself a better future.
Junior year is about the time in high school when you really start to prepare for college. You start thinking about where you want to apply and how you are going to make yourself stand out.
Senior Kristi Bumby said that her final year in high school has been about “wrapping everything up, applying for colleges and scholarships, finishing the senior project, and just completing my realm of high school.”
After the college application process, there is the agonizing wait for the all-important graduation day.
Jake Ward is one of the many seniors experiencing “senioritis,” which is something that leaves you with a serious lack of motivation to do anything school related.
In a way, high school students all relate to each other, either because we have been there ourselves or anticipate that we will one day be in the same position. Every student is going through something they consider challenging, no matter where they are in school.
Bri Salgado is a senior at East Rowan High School.