Pops at Post gains nonprofit status

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 21, 2012

By Shavonne Potts
SALISBURY — Pops at the Post began as a way to celebrate the Salisbury Post’s 100th birthday and has grown into an annual can’t-miss event.
This year, for the first time, the event will operate as a nonprofit that can receive tax-deductible contributions.
A free community event featuring the Salisbury Symphony Orchestra, Pops at the Post is held the first Saturday in June.
The event has allowed people to make tax-deductible contributions with the aid of Downtown Salisbury Inc., which handled the administrative and marketing side.
Downtown Salisbury Inc. “willingly and enthusiastically handled it,” said Post President and Publisher Greg Anderson. Now, though, the Post has “launched the Pops at the Post into its own entity.”
The event has grown, attracting thousands each year and “as it got to be more and more popular, it was clear there was a need for it to be its own organization,” Anderson said.
In the beginning, there was no thought to the event becoming a nonprofit, he said. It was merely a way to celebrate 100 years of the newspaper. The event became a hit and city and community leaders wanted to keep it going.
Supporters can donate to the event online through the Pops at the Post causes page, which can be accessed through Facebook.
There will still be event sponsorship opportunities, but the causes page is a way “to reach people who might be interested on a smaller level to support the event,” Anderson said.
Facebook provides a safe and easy way to donate, he said.
The event continues to grow in terms of attendance, performers and vendors, Anderson said.
Organizers want to hear from the community about the upcoming event, he said, and that can be done by contacting info@popsatthepost.org
Contact reporter Shavonne Potts at 704-797-4253.

For more information about Pops at the Post visit:
www.causes.com, Pops at the Post
info@popsatthepost.org, to give your input on this year’s event.