My Turn: Waging war against religion

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 19, 2012

By Donald Schumacher
Well, it just had to happen. Some offended person or persons in our county had to complain to the ACLU, an organization of anti-Christian lawyers who have nothing better to do than attack good people of faith and their beliefs.
They complain that our county commissioners begin meetings with Christian prayers. Oh, the horrors of such actions! Christian prayers, or the mere mention of Jesus by name, pollutes the minds of those attending the meetings with goodness, spiritual comfort and love for all. These prayers are forcing meeting attendees to become Christians. They make attendees sick, uncomfortable and filled with evil thoughts. How dare they pray? says Katy Parker of the ACLU. She demands that it be stopped or the county will be sued and fined. And if they continue praying, they would be jailed for contempt of court by some anti-Christian far left liberal judge. She hasn’t stopped here; she’s also attacking the General Assembly in Raleigh. She and the ACLU are obviously hellbent on going after the entire state. Unfortunately, they’ll most likely get away with it.
Folks, it’s about time we stand up and fight for our rights as Christians. Not only is the ACLU trying to wipe Christianity off the Earth; the White House also attacked Catholics by mandating they provide health insurance which includes free contraceptives and abortion pills. Why? Can’t people pay for their own out of their own pocket?
Media Matters is an organization of far-left malcontents who won’t be happy until people can freely have sex in streets and have legalized mind-killing drugs in everyone’s pocket. Media Matters received a $50,000 grant from an organization named ARCA to track Christian TV networks, I would think for not so obviously honorable reasons. They’ve hated the religious right since they started.
Christianity will be history if we don’t stop these organizations and the atheists who are offended by everything religious, even the mention of the word Jesus and amen. Now, I’m not a religious fanatic but I believe we all have the God-given right to say what we want in the name of religion, any religion, where we want and when we want. We are at war, and they are winning. They’re taking away our rights little by little, and we are allowing them. They’re nibbling our rights away like a squirrel trying to eat a watermelon. And they won’t stop as long as they can get away with it.
I understand that 78 percent of our population is Christian. If so, why allow a few organizations and individuals to destroy us? I know it’s the Christian thing to turn the other cheek, but enough is enough. I’m happy to see that most of our county commissioners are willing to stand up and fight the fight. We should join them. If we keep giving in, it’s just a matter of time before they start burning our churches. Then, we’ll have to worship in underground tunnels because if they catch us, they’ll feed us to the lions. It happened in the past, and it could well happen again if we allow it.
How wonderful it would be if Christians, Jews and non-violent Muslims all stood up to the anti-religious and federal government and yelled, “go pound sand, we stand united, and you don’t dictate what we can say or do. We control our lives, not you.”
I’d like to see the government, the Department of Justice or the Supreme Court arrest more than 240 million believers for contempt of court. Then we could enjoy watching the ACLU lawyers and Media Matters-type organizations crawl back into their holes where they belong. And to the atheists, I say, “Believe what you want to, but leave us alone. If you don’t like it, tough.”
God bless America!
Donald Schumacher lives in Salisbury.