YESTERDAY: Hospital bill

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 13, 2012

Jamie Moose Kimmer provided the Post this copy of an old hospital bill that had belonged to her grandfather G.H. (Gurley Hoyle) Moose. It comes from the old Yadkin Hospital in Albemarle and is dated April 30, 1934. The costs of his visit — 24 days at $3.50 a day — are itemized in hand. “I am just amazed every time I see this bill,” Kimmer says. “… His appendix had ruptured, and he was lucky to have made it.” The other photograph, from April 19, 1925, shows her Grandpa Moose and his great catch of fish. He wrote on the back that the smallest was 11/2 pounds; the largest, 51/2 pounds. The fish together weighed in at 271/4 pounds. Born in 1900, G.H. Moose lived most of his life in Rockwell, working at an early age in the Gold Hill mines and Reed Gold Mine, where his picture is on the wall, Kimmer says. Much later, he was in the grocery store business — Moose & Sons of Rockwell. “He was an avid sportsman, hunting, trapping and fishing,” Kimmer says. “He played the piano by ear. Also, he ran a mill operation, well-drilling operation, and later a shoe shop and was Rockwell’s first fire chief.” Moose died March 22, 1977.