Mother finds man sexually assaulting daughter

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 9, 2012

This story has been edited for clarification purposes.

By Nathan Hardin
SALISBURY — A Salisbury woman walked in on her 11-year-old daughter being sexually assaulted by a man the mother had allowed to stay at her house, police said.
A Salisbury Police report said the girl’s mother immediately called police when she found the two Monday night. Officers caught 57-year-old Graham Hannah after he fled to a nearby vacant home.
The mother of the girl spoke to the Post on condition of anonymity Tuesday afternoon. She said she walked in on her daughter and the man after being out of the room 10 to 15 minutes.
“I haven’t left my daughter with him,” she said. “I saw everything.”
The single mother of three said she allowed the man to live with her because he told her he was battling cancer and had a heart condition. She also needed the money.
“He’s been in my home since Dec. 30. I even wrote out a monthly lease,” she said. “I’m a struggling female mother.”
The woman had a friend do a background check on the man before allowing him to stay at her home, she said, but she was only told of minor charges.
She said she was not aware of Hannah’s extensive criminal history, which includes convictions of felony receiving stolen goods, felony credit card theft, felony breaking and entering, felony possession of a weapon of mass destruction and drug-related charges.
Hannah, who gave an address of 415 John Rainey Road, was charged with first-degree sex offense on a child.
The woman said she began to confront him when she found him in the living room, but he fled to a nearby vacant mobile home.
“He took his carton of cigarettes and ran out the door,”?she said.
He was being held Tuesday morning under a $250,000 bond.
Since Hannah’s arrest Monday evening, the woman said, her daughter told her that several other incidents happened within the last week while the mother was asleep.
Salisbury Police said they are looking into the other alleged incidents as part of the investigation, but have not filed any other charges against Hannah.