Meet Salisbury's Rachel Jones

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 9, 2012

Name: Rachel Jones
School: Salisbury
Sport: Swimming
Family: Mom Karen, Dad Johnny, Brother Ryan
Birth date: June 18, 1994
Favorite restaurant: Cheesecake Factory
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite animal: Zebra Job/Hobbies: Babysitting
Favorite class: Yearbook
Favorite TV: Friends
Favorite movie: The Ugly Truth
Favorite team: Salisbury football Hornets
Favorite athlete: McKenzie Stevens
Three words that best describe me: Funny, outgoing, sweet
Actress starring in the movie about my life: Jennifer Aniston
Celebrity dream Date: Taylor Lautner
Prized possession: i-phone
Biggest Rival: Myself
Greatest accomplishment: All-county in the breaststroke
Career goal: OBGYN or pediatrician
If I’m a millionaire by age 20, I will: Travel the world and give to charity