Letters to the editor – Friday (1-20-2012)

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Governor Bev says she has a cash problem. Like a good politician, she says the need is for education. This is true because she took the mony that should have gone for education and used it for other purposes. Purposes having no public appeal if she asked for additional funds to support those boondoggles. The public falls for this bait and switch con game every time!
I have a great idea that would solve Bev’s problem. Let’s start a state lottery! To really get the public behind the idea, let’s call it the NORTH CAROLINA EDUCATION LOTTERY. Bev would, of course, assure us that the proceeds would go strictly for education, and would absolutely never supplant existing educational funding. Problem solved!
This one was easy. I also have a two part plan to resolve the crisis surrounding the housing or our county education administration. There are a few details to work out, but i will be able to present the final plan in a few days.
Joe Roberts
126 Stoneybrook
Salisbury 281247 704-645-9774