Marsh column: Time to train for the triathlon

Published 12:00 am Monday, January 9, 2012

Are you having “doing a Triathlon” as one of your News Years Resolutions?
I have had a lot of interest of people wanting to do a triathlon! So exciting! And of course we will have our 3rd Annual Buck Hurley Triathlon on Sunday May 6th this year!
I will add a beginner’s triathlete schedule below but if you like more help or support you can come to JF Hurley Tri Club Interest meeting tonight at 6:30PM in our boardroom! Joe Campola is heading it off and for more information you can email him at HYPERLINK “”
A sample Triathlon workout can look like this:
Usually most beginner triathlete’s weakest discipline is swimming so let me give you a swim workout.
Warm-up 150 m- easy swim.
Leg kick 4 x25 m- Use a float in front, crawl leg kick.
Distance 2 x 200 m- Aim for a steady pace and work on your breathing.
Drills 6 x 25 m- Concentrate on hand entry and leg kick.
Sprint 4 x 25 m- Work to increase your speed, front crawl only.
Cool down 100 m- Easy swim focus on your breathing.
It depends on where your fitness level is but try to reduce your rest periods between swims, and increase your swimming speed. Swim at least twice a week.
For bike training, Cycling classes will be an excellent workout and is safe! When riding on the road, ride with a group on slow traffic times of the day and low traffic routes. You can check with Windsong Bike shop. Cycling groups start and finish from their business on 29.
The following is a sample training program that you could use.
Day of the week Swim Bike Run Weights Other
Monday Yes No No Yes Stretch
Tuesday No Race distance Half of run Rest Practice transition
Wednesday Rest Rest Rest Rest Rest
Thursday Yes No track/interval No Stretch
Friday No Race distance No Yes, light Stretch
Saturday Yes No steady endurance No Check and clean bike
Sunday No Long steady bike No No Stretch
(45 min +)
You can make any day a rest day if Wednesdays does not work for you.
Good Luck! And I hope to see many of you at our 3rd Annual Buck Hurley triathlon Challenge on Sunday May 6th 2012. We have added a mountain bike division and a Clydesdale (male 200+) and Athena’s (female 150+). Get ready to “Buck Up”!
Ester H Marsh ACSM Cpt