Nazareth Children's Home earns accreditation

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nazareth Children’s Home
Nazareth Children’s Home was recently recognized as one of 15 agencies in North America to earn the highest level of accreditation from the international Teaching-Family Association.
“We are all very pleased to receive TFA’s Accreditation,” Nazareth CEO Vernon Walters said. “This is an important milestone that demonstrates Nazareth Children’s Home is on the right track for serving youth, delivering the highest quality of care possible to effectively meet children’s unique, individual needs.”
After successful completion of an intensive on-site review process, Nazareth’s accreditation was officially approved by the association’s board of directors at its annual conference. The certification verifies the quality of services provided in the Teaching-Family Model group homes at Nazareth and makes the children’s home eligible to provide training, consultation and evaluation services to other agencies interested in using the approach.
The Teaching-Family Association is the only organization that defines and implements standards and review procedures related to the performance and quality of treatment service delivery systems at all organizational levels. The Teaching-Family Model standards are of the highest caliber and emphasize services that are individualized, culturally responsive, evidence-based and outcomes-oriented.
Nazareth opened its doors in 1906 as a home for disadvantaged or orphaned children. Presently, Nazareth serves as a private childcare agency that provides specialized services to children and their families.
Nazareth’s Teaching-Family Model team is led by Mike Boggs, director of Teaching-Family Model Services; Karla Lanier, director of research and evaluation; and Paul Lucas, assistant vice president of residential programs.
Other key contributors to the certification effort include Rebecca Williams, program director and case manager, and Jay Maupin, case manager. Nazareth also recognized the teaching-parents in its three cottages, Thomas and Staci Cousar, Sam and Tiffany Adams (Hedrick Cottage); Josh and Aubrey Barger, Arin and Anna Wilhelm (Smith Cottage); and Vernon and Monica Gonzalez, Derek and Marilyn Lopes (Leonard Cottage).
“Accreditation is a tremendous achievement that demonstrates the commitment to both quality assurance and quality improvement. TFA welcomes Nazareth Children’s Home to its highest level of participation and looks forward to the leadership of the organization as one of the few organizations providing a continuum of services in which the model can be implemented,” Peggy McElgunn, executive director of the Teaching-Family Association, said in a message to Walters.