Post quotes: Words worth repeating from 2011

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 31, 2011

A newspaper publishes a lot of quotes in a yearís time. Here are some quotes from 2011 editions of the Salisbury Post that bear repeating

ěWe hung on every word, like he was feeding us the greatest meal we had ever eaten.î
ó VA chaplain Ethel Bamberg-Revis, on hearing Martin Luther King Jr.ís ěI Have a Dreamî speech as a child

ěI even know their tags and home addresses by heart.î
ó Michael Neely of the Salisbury Police Department, who writes parking tickets, in reference to workers who monopolize downtown parking spaces

ěI feel like Iím 21 years old again. Iím so rejuvenated by this whole process.î
ó N.C. Rep. Harry Warren of Salisbury, after his swearing-in January.

ěIf you see a brother overtaken in the fall, our job is to go back and restore him. …He took a path any of us could take. There but for the grace of God, go I.î
ó Pastor Toney Parsons, on forgiving the man accused of stealing from vehicles at First Baptist Church, Gold Hill in January, Kacey Wayne Adams.

ěI was showing him that we love him, even if he is on the other side of the fence.î
ó Joan Parker, 74, of Colfax, charged with assault after kissing preacher James Belcher on the cheek as he was protesting the gay PRIDE event in Salisbury in June

ěThere were some Bible verse cards in there. He needs those.î
ó Lelonna Richardson, after a man punched her and stole her purse as she was waiting in a Wendyís drive-thru

ěIf youíre going to do anything in life, youíve got to have the cojones.î
ó Brian Anderson of Ohio, while visiting the Dale Earnhardt statue 10 years after the NASCAR driverís death

ěYouíve been praised and vilified, but you kept your faith and continued to serve loyally.î
ó Maggie Blackwell, Salisbury City Council member, to David Treme at his last meeting as city manager.

ěThere wasnít a group in this town that wasnít doing pretty amazing things. There was a reverse domino effect all across the community.î
ó Former Mayor Margaret Kluttz, on the impact of Tremeís strategic planning process
ěThis is just too good to be true.î
ó Lorene Trexler, who received free plumbing repairs, food and other donations after losing nearly $20,000 in a home improvement scam

I donít have tennis elbow. I have burger elbow.î
ó Greg Culp, owner, who once served 2,000 hotdogs in one day at downtown Salisburyís Hapís Grill

ěThereís nothing worse than watching someone else walk away with the last Cheerwine Kreme Filled Doughnut.î
ó Tom Barbitta, vice president of marketing for Cheerwine

ěAnti-social networkî
ó Salisbury Post headline on story about Facebook taking down pages on which local teens were slamming one another