Letters to the editor – Monday (12-12-11)

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 12, 2011

Thanks to all
in fire brotherhood
My brother Percy Myers, who was a Salisbury fireman for many years, left this earth the other day. I would like to take this time to thank everyone, from the lady on the 911 call to the time they put him in the ground. But I want to give a super thank you to the Salisbury Fire Department. I know he loved his job and all of you.
Again, thanks, and may safety, peace and love be with each and every one of you all. From his brother by blood to his brothers and sisters in the fire brotherhood, thanks and may God protect and be with each and every one of you all.
— Harold Myers
Israel & U.S. aid
I recently wrote a “My Turn” article on suggested changes in our government that have not been considered by officials. Recently, we’ve heard many debates by Republican candidates for president, yet there’s been no serious discussion about foreign aid.
Foreign aid was a key point in my article. I emphasized that our government is borrowing billions to give away to other countries. This is outrageous! Recently, our government revealed that we have spent billions in Libya, and now we also have aggravated the debt situation by sending troops to Australia on a permanent basis, which will be a constant drain on our defense budget.
The reason foreign aid is not discussed is that we give billions to Israel annually. Congress has been controlled by Israel’s Zionist government since 1948. Israel has received more than $500 billion in U.S. loans that will never be repaid. This is because a senator from California pushed a bill through Congress which would provide additional funds for Israel to cover all loan interest due to the U.S. It’s impossible to determine how much aid we give the Israeli government because billions of dollars are given to the Israeli military in the form of sophisticated military equipment.
This aid was designed for defensive purposes only, but Israel’s Zionist government uses it for aggression. Israel bombed Syria and Iraq. In 2010, Israel also bombed a neutral country and destroyed the downtown area of Beirut, Lebanon. Lebanon is the only Christian democracy in the Middle East. Israel is referred to as a democracy but in that country, only Jews may become citizens. Israel was responsible for bombing the Gaza strip and murdering 1,500 people.
Currently, Israel is planning a military strike on Iran because of its development of nuclear weapons, while Israel already possesses nuclear bombs. It’s wrong for our country to provide financial aid to Israel, which is an aggressor with weapons of mass destruction.
— Victor S. Farrah