Faulty mo-ped starter poses problem for accused robbers

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 7, 2011

By Nathan Hardin
SALISBURY — A faulty starter on a Salisbury man’s mo-ped helped police find two men accused of trying to steal it.
According to a Salisbury Police report, Timothy Boyd, 622 E. Cemetery St., and Thomas Gray, 1515 N. Main St., Spencer, approached Timothy Hall as he waited for a friend to get off work in the Wendy’s parking lot at 515 E. Innes St. about 3 a.m today.
As he waited, one of the men sat down on Hall’s red and black Queen 50 cc and told Hall, “I’m taking your scooter.”
As Hall protested, the man swung a beer bottle at him and then hit him in the stomach.
Hall grabbed his cell phone and called 911 as the two robbers tried to start the mo-ped, which has a broken starter and can only be cranked by hot-wiring the bike.
After telling the two he called police, Hall told officers, the two ran across East Innes Street toward the Wilco-Hess service station.
They were arrested behind the store.
Gray, 50, and Boyd, 41, were both charged with felony attempted common law robbery.
They were both in jail on Wednesday under a $2,000 bond.