Nothing says Christmas like gingerbread

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 4, 2011

SALISBURY — Anything goes when you’re building a gingerbread house. Including pretzels as windows, peppermints as roof shingles and gumdrops as a walkway to the wonderfully sweet creation.
Dozens of children and their families gathered at the Rowan Museum on Sunday afternoon to craft their own unique gingerbread houses.
It was a bonding experience for families like Sheila and Barry Leftler, who brought their grandchildren Cameron Schlechty, 11, and Cadyn Schlechty, 7, to experience the fun.
Four-year-old Laila Furr had a ball trying out each treat, including marshmallows and M&M’s.
Ava Morris, 4, laughed as her “mimi” Denise McKenzie pointed out candies to decorate the house.
Adriane Morris smiled as she watched Ava light up when Santa entered the room.
Kids took turns telling Santa what their little hearts desire. The popular old man in red moved throughout the room, giving hugs and handshakes.
Refreshments such as popcorn and punch were served up to keep the little workers from becoming famished.
When the gingerbread houses were complete, the families took them home. Some are planning to use their house as a decorations, while others will likely devour them.