Letters to the editor – Tuesday 11-29-11

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 28, 2011

Better burgers come with side benefits
I love Hapís hamburgers and really appreciate the ěcurb serviceî they offered me because Greg knows I canít let my ramp down on the sidewalk.
In warm weather, I park down the street and ride my scooter up to eat outside. But when it is rainy or cold, I canít ride any distance on my scooter, so I pull into the loading/unloading parking space. Vicki and Jamie bring my food out but will not even accept tips.
If I canít get them on the phone, I watch for someone walking in or out and ask them to tell Greg that ěLinda wants a hamburger and Cheerwine.î A friend came out one day to see ěwho gets curb service.î
I wrote a story one time about how folks used to ěwalk a mile for a Camelî and I ěrode my scooter two miles for a Hapís hamburger.î There are probably other handicapped people who can get assistance if they ask, but all three of them bless me in a special way. On a cold rainy day being handicapped is a blessing at Hapís, thanks to Greg!
ó Linda Beck