Meet Carson’s Hannah Shinn

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 25, 2011

Name: Hannah Shinn
School: Jesse Carson
Sport: Tennis
Family: Dad David, Mom Cathy, dog Pugsley
Birth date: Jan. 6, 1994
Nickname: Han
Hidden talent: Four Square
Personal motto: The Lord is on my side
Favorite restaurants: Pancho Villas, Katana
Favorite color: Yellow
Favorite animal: Dog
Favorite class: Theater arts
Favorite TV: Andy Griffith, Bones, Pretty Little Liars
Favorite movie: Phantom of the Opera
Favorite team: Atlanta Braves
Favorite athlete: Chipper Jones
Favorite music: Country
Hobby: Camping
3 words that describe me: Christian, hard-working, kind
Celebrity dream date: Brad Paisley
Actress starring in the movie about my life: Sandra Bullock
Biggest rival: Myself
Prized possession: Family
Career goal: Doctor of Pharmacy
If Iím a millionaire by 20, I will: Donate to missions in the U.S.