Letters to the editor – Tuesday

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 21, 2011

Voter ID law will discourage
voting among poor, others
I would like to see some legitimate statistics concerning the alleged past voter fraud that inspires the Rowan County Commission to consider the voter obstacle of requiring ID to vote. Some Americans don’t have the resources available to have acquired the specific voter ID cards mentioned in the news. The poor are only one minority that comes to mind.
Surely we do not want to discourage voting in America while we encourage nations over the world to become freely elected democracies.
ó Judy Hitchcock
The blight of ëgreen energyí
The days of Don Quixote and the clipper ships are long gone. A blight worthy of those days has sprung up all over the United States. The high plains and deserts are filled with miles and miles of windmills. Acres and acres of land are filled with solar panels. One word describes this blight: Ugly.
ěGreen energyî corruption is coming to light. The EPA is promoting an unsustainable and destructive mandate for power companies. The power companies are forced to participate in alternative-power sources. This area should be left to private investors. T. Boone Pickens did edxactly that and determined wind energy on a mass basis was not sustainable. Solar panels on an individual basis seem to have some merit but are extremely expensive.
So why did President Barack Obama say energy prices would ěnecessarilyî skyrocket? Well, the evidence is now in. He is robbing the American people; meanwhile, he is demonizing the power companies. People in this area think a 17 percent increase is outrageous. What will they think after 20 percent of the power plants in this country are shut down?
There is absolutely nothing wrong with a central power producing area, such as a power plant. In fact, a power plant is the most efficient way to go. Production, maintenance and distribution are easily controlled. The ugliness of the industry is contained in one area (except for the power lines). New technology is introduced as it becomes available.
Many years ago, Lady Bird Johnson initiated a beautify American program. Maybe our next presidentís spouse will do the same. This time, the blight across America ó windmills and solar panels ó will be beautiful, as were the junkyards.
ó Irene Dalton