Letters to the editor – Monday (11-21-11)

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 20, 2011

Warning siren makes good sense
Enochville Fire Chief Clark Mackey should be applauded for his efforts to put the warning siren at the Enochville fire department back in service. In this readerís opinion, every fire department should follow Mackeyís efforts and put their warning siren back in service. As stated in the Post on Saturday, Rowan County was lucky to miss the tornado that claimed two lives just in the next county. It could just as easily have been us where the tornado touched down. I think the fire chiefs from all departments should meet with Frank Thomason, director of Rowanís emergency management services, to develop a protocol as to how the sirens will be used so that there is some consistency in sounding the sirens to alert people of severe weather warnings. For example, if the warning has been issued for 45 minutes, how many times is the siren to be activated? Once these procedures are developed, I am sure the Post will relay the information to its readers and towns can include the information in their water bills or other ways of communication. It would also be a good idea if folks purchased a weather radio for $20 or so to alert them of the possibility of severe weather. Letís all do our part in saving lives, especially when we have the means to know when a tornado may be approaching.
ó David Rodgers
China Grove
Pray for healing
In response to the Nov. 19 letter ěEstablished churchî by Gail Reavis:
She gives a good history of Blackwelder Park Baptist Church and how all this has been accomplished by the families who have given over and above their tithes to the building funds. But she left out the fact that certain church members have been withholding their tithes for approximately six months in protest of the church. This has hurt the church financially and has caused cutbacks in certain areas of the church budget to maintain the church.
She also doesnít tell your readers that the church was split when the present pastor was asked to save the church, and the church is still growing.
Also, she quotes certain of the Ten Commandments. She refers to stealing and coveting and loving thy neighbor.
Where is her love for her neighbor?
Readers, pray for us, that this, too, shall pass.
A loyal and faithful member:
ó Karen Moore