Letters to the editor – Tuesday (11-15-11)

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 14, 2011

If workers must be drug-tested,
why not welfare recipients?
There is a proposal being discussed that would require drug testing of all welfare recipients and those seeking assistance. This sounds good to me personally, but many people disagree, and it is their reason for disagreeing that intrigues me.
Opponents of this proposal say that testing would be unconstitutional, a violation of the Fourth Amendment, which pertains to the unreasonable search and seizure of oneís person and property. As we well know these days, however, when anyone is looking for a job, most employers require drug testing in order to be considered for employment. The opposition counters that these drug tests are permissible because they relate directly to job performance, safety and security in the workplace. I do not disagree, but this proves my point. I do not know the actual statistics, but I would bet that a good percentage of those on, or seeking, welfare are parents, and I can think of no other job that requires a higher degree of performance, safety and security than parenthood.
If you can suspend the Constitution for someone who wants to flip burgers, then you can do the same for someone who is a parent.
ó Allan Gilmour
Count me among the happy
In response to Rose Meeks Jonesí Saturday letter (ěThe wrong greetingî), asking ěhow can we wish someone a happy Veterans Dayî:
I could agree with Ms. Jonesí opinion if she were referencing Memorial Day. However, she is just looking at one side of the coin. Veterans Day is a day to honor and remember all military verterans, past and present, living and deceased ó not just those who are military casualties. It is a time to thank them for the time they served in their respective branch, protecting our country. It is a time to be ěhappy.î With exception of a small percentage, all veterans served their country honorably and were proud to do so, and a day should be set aside for all of us to show our appreciation to them. Thank you to all our veterans and a belated happy Veterans Day to all of you.
ó Donnie Gandy
More memories of Rose
I became acquainted with Rose Post in the fall of 1972 at China Grove Elementary School. While I was in Shirley Bauconís language arts class, we were studing journalism and Mrs. Baucom got Mrs. Post to come and talk to our class.
Although I was in contact with Mrs. Post for only one hour, I found her to be a wonderful lady. She gave a wonderful presentation. She told the class how she loved working for the Salisbury Post.
In closing, I would like to say again I found her to be a wonderful person. I am 50 years of age, and I know over the years I will miss her a lot. So will the employees of the Salisbury Post, her family and many people of Rowan County.
ó George R. Elliott
China Grove
Thanks from Knox Middle
Everyone at Knox Middle School is very proud and excited about the success of our Invest-in-a-Child fundraiser. Our students raised money with family members, neighbors, community members and teachers. Funds solicited will be used to enhance technology at KMS.
Our requests were answered, and we are proud to announce that we exceeded our goal by raising more than $13,000.
Thank you to all the families and friends of Knox Middle School who gave to our fundraiser this year. In addition, we are very grateful to the Blanche and Hubert Ritchie Foundation for their generous gift to our PTA/Technology fund, which qualifies us to receive matching funds from the county. Matching funds are available for all schools in the Rowan-Salisbury School System.
This $20,000 will allow us to purchase technology for various classrooms, equipped with items such as Promethean boards, document cameras and Active Expressions. With the support of the Blanche and Hubert Ritchie Foundation, we have made a giant leap forward in our ability to ěLove Kids, Support Teachers, Involve Parents, and Pass it On.î
It is with an abundant amount of gratitude that we write this letter thanking everyone in our community: The Blanche and Hubert Ritchie Foundation, our families, our students and staff.
ó Knox Middle School PTA & student body