Letters to the editor – Thursday (11-10-11)

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Remember Hitlerís victims and soldiers who fought him
Kristallnacht began this night 73 years ago, Nov. 9 and 10, 1938, part of the bloody holocaust and war that engulfed the world. Tonight, we should pay first the utmost respect to our veterans that helped end the bloody regime of Hitler at such an enormous cost. But also to those American people who worked hard and sacrificed much to keep them supplied with equipment and prayers.
And we should remember the countless innocents lost this night and many others.
It is why America must remain strong and vigilant. The weak in this world must have heroes.
ó Ernest Watts
China Grove
Obama deserves support
President Obama was voted in three years ago by lots of Democrats and possibly some Republicans.
While he was campaigning, he often spoke on national TV; my family and I constantly listened to him and his speeches.
It was then that I decided he would be the best one for the job of president.
We must remember that when he went in as president, the country was at war; he didnít start that war. The economy was bad, and as we all know, there were a lot of other matters that President George W. Bush had caused. Jobs were being lost while Bush was president, not Obama.
I remember the president saying it might not all be fixed in his first four years. He went in as president with the country in a big mess, period.
So if we want the country to turn around, letís please give him four more years as president and hope and pray that he can fix things for America.
Some people look at his color. We cannot do that. He is a man who was smart enough to be voted in as president, by millions of Americans. Instead of criticism, letís give him four more years in the White House and pray that he can help create jobs for people. He is a good president!
ó Teresa A. Edwards
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