Troublesome beavers trapped in Faith

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 8, 2011

FAITH ó Nuisance beavers that were threatening to damage the town’s sewer outfall line have been trapped.
Scott Garner, the town’s public works director, said the beavers, which were building a dam off St. Paulís Church Road, should be gone for good.
Myers Wildlife Services was contracted to trap the beavers in April.
After evicting several beavers, three more moved in months later, building about seven dams.
The area was almost completely under water before the beavers were trapped, with flooding on vacant land owned by three different people.
The beavers were a persistent problem for more than six months before the town hired Myers Wildlife for more than $1,500.
Garner said the town does not expect to have any more issues with the beavers and the outfall line is no longer in jeopardy.