Kluttz leads the way in election fundraising

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 4, 2011

By Emily Ford
SALISBURY — Mayor Susan Kluttz has raised nearly twice as much as any other candidate in her bid for re-election to the Salisbury City Council.
Kluttz’s total receipts for the 2011 election cycle were $12,267 as of Monday, according to required campaign reports filed with the Rowan County Board of Elections. Kluttz has served as mayor for 14 years.
The next highest fundraiser is Paul Woodson, whose campaign received $6,696 in contributions toward his eighth term on the council.
Mayor Pro Tem Maggie Blackwell isn’t far behind at $5,748 in donations. She is completing her first term.
Political newcomer Ben Lynch raised more money than any of the three other challengers. Lynch reported $3,323 in receipts, including a $405 contribution to his campaign.
Councilman Brian Miller, seeking re-election to a second term, and political newcomer Rip Kersey each had receipts of $2,765 as of Monday. That included Kersey’s loan to his campaign of roughly $825, and Miller’s donation to his campaign of $250.
The remaining candidates — councilman William “Pete” Kennedy, who is seeking a 10th term, and challengers Blake Jarman and Dale Stephens — all filed paperwork stating they did not plan to raise or spend more than $1,000. They don’t have to report individual contributions unless the total surpasses $1,000.
Former councilman Mark Lewis, whose Committee to Elect Mark Lewis has remained active since the 2009 election and has about $3,000 in the coffers, contributed $100 each to Kluttz, Blackwell, Miller and Woodson.
The campaign committee for N.C. Rep. Harry Warren, a Republican who represents Rowan County, contributed $500 to Lynch’s election effort.
Raymond Coltrain, a member of the Rowan County Board of Commissioners, gave $100 to Blackwell and $50 to Lynch.
Names of people who give less than $50 are not required.
The following are individual contributions listed on the “35-day” reports, which are filed 35 days before the election, and the pre-election reports, which were filed Monday.
Maggie Blackwell
Joseph Blackwell, Salisbury, $148.86
Glenn Dixon Jr., Salisbury, $100
Barbara Setzer, Salisbury, $100
Amanda Monath, Salisbury, $50
Betty Mickle, Salisbury, $25
Lawana Ford, Salisbury, $100
Paul Fisher, Salisbury, $100
Sue Fisher, Salisbury, $100
Mary Miller James, Salisbury, $100
Mary Frances Edens, Salisbury, $50
Robert L. Cook, Salisbury, $500
Raymond Coltrain, Salisbury, $100
Beth Schwartz, Centerville, Ga., $100
Edward Norvell, Salisbury, $100
Reid Walters, Salisbury, $25
Dwight Messinger, Salisbury, $100
Valerie Stewart, Salisbury, $100
Mark Lewis, Salisbury, $100
Rebecca Burgin, Salisbury, $20
Jean Wurster, Salisbury, $500
Eddie Hampton, Salisbury, $100
Jean Hudson, Salisbury, $100
Arba Knapp, Salisbury, $100
John Larson, Salisbury, $100
William C. Stanback, Salisbury, $100
Gene Wall, Salisbury, $100
Sara T. Johnson, Salisbury, $75
Rip Kersey
Rodney C. Kersey, Salisbury, $824.75
Ron Rasile, Salisbury, $100
Carl Repsher, Salisbury, $100
Mary Beth Smith, Salisbury, $100
Robert Glassgow, Salisbury, $50
Dyke Messinger, Salisbury, $50
James Montgomery, Salisbury, $50
Glenn Dixon, Salisbury, $50
Paul Fisher, Salisbury, $50
Phillip Floyd, Salisbury, $50
Tony Almeida, Salisbury, $50
Dr. Paul Capito, Salisbury, $50
David Collins, Salisbury, $50
Jack Stanley, Salisbury, $50
Todd Steinman, Salisbury, $100
Bill Wagoner, Salisbury, $100
Dr. William Webb, Salisbury, $50
Rodney C. Kersey, Salisbury, $15.84
Halstead Stone, Chester, S.C., $100
Susan Kluttz
Fred Stanback, Salisbury, $300
Rachel Bernheim, Salisbury, $200
Dr. Mary Frances Edens, Salisbury, $100
Dr. Don Fortner, Salisbury, $250
Tom Smith, Salisbury, $100
Dyke Messinger, Salisbury, $250
James Randolph, Salisbury, $100
Dr. Dennis Hill, Salisbury, $100
Jack Errante, Salisbury, $100
Dr. Wayne Cline Sr., Salisbury, $75
Paul Fisher, Salisbury, $100
James A. Dunn Jr., Salisbury, $100
Donald D. Sayers, Salisbury, $100
Tomme Gamewell, Salisbury, $100
Mary Ellen Turner, Salisbury, $100
Owen Norvell, Salisbury, $100
Robert Hall, Salisbury, $100
Edward Norvell, Salisbury, $100
Robert L. Cook Jr., Salisbury, $200
Richard P. Goodman, Salisbury, $150
Luke Fisher, Salisbury, $100
Ralph Baker, Salisbury, $100
Dr. W.R. Thompson Jr., Salisbury, $75
Michael Bauk, Salisbury, $100
Lisa Wear, Salisbury, $75
Dan Fisher, Salisbury, $100
Peter Hairston, Advance, $100
Glenn Dixon, Salisbury, $100
Dr. Phyllis Post, Salisbury, $100
Martha Smith, Salisbury, $100
Committee to Elect Mark Lewis, Salisbury, $100
Angela Hall, Salisbury, $100
Norde Wilson, Salisbury, $100
Dr. Willard C. Thompson III, Salisbury, $100
George F. Kluttz, Salisbury, $100
Vernon Bennett, Salisbury, $100
Dr. Jimmy R. Jenkins, Salisbury, $100
Cliff Sorel, Salisbury, $100
Donald Clement Jr., Salisbury, $100
Donald Clement III, Salisbury, $100
Dr. Albert Aymer, Salisbury, $100
William C. Stanback, Salisbury, $100
Dr. Robert Steele, $55
Raymond Coltrain, Salisbury, $100
David R. McCoy, Salisbury, $100
Dr. Wayne Cline Jr., Salisbury, $100
William M. Graham, Salisbury, $100
C.E. Goodnight Jr., Salisbury, $100
James W. Kluttz, Winston-Salem, $100
Ben Lynch
Harry J. Warren for NC 77, Salisbury, $500
Price Wagoner, Salisbury, $25
Arnold Beaver, Salisbury, $100
Brad Farrah, Salisbury, $100
Robert Steele, Salisbury, $25
William J. Saelinger, Salisbury, $25
Morris H. Clements, Cleveland, $100
Christina B. Hall, Mount Ulla, $50
Thomas L. Lynch, Salisbury, $250
Vickie B. Lynch, Salisbury, $250
Raymond D. Coltrain, Salisbury, $50
Tyrus Cobb Jr., Salisbury, $33
Shirley W. Terry, Salisbury, $25
John Leatherman, Salisbury, $50
Vance F. Merhoff, Salisbury, $75
Carl W. Repsher, Salisbury, $50
Robert S. Ogden, Salisbury, $35
Ben Lynch, Salisbury, $405.93
Dennis Shantz, Salisbury, $25
Hazel Epting, Salisbury, $100
Steven Fisher, $50
Charles L. Sowers, Salisbury, $75
Robert W. Collins III, Salisbury, $50
John Heilig, Salisbury, $50
Mark Schindelholz, Salisbury, $200
Glenn Dixon, Salisbury, $100
Susan Morris, Salisbury, $200
Stephen L. Kidd, Salisbury, $100
Phil Kirk, Raleigh, $50
George F. Kluttz, Salisbury, $35
Thomas S. Sexton, Salisbury, $40
Brian Miller
Ronald L. Smith, Salisbury, $50
Richard H. Smith Jr., Salisbury, $200
Brian Miller, Salisbury, $250
Charles Clifford Ritchie, Salisbury, $50
Richard E. Eldridge, Salisbury, $50
Edward P. Norvell, Salisbury, $100
J. Andrew Porter, Salisbury, $50
Walter P. Wagoner, Salisbury, $50
Lloyd William Troxler Jr., Salisbury, $50
Paul E. Fisher, Salisbury, $50
John Leatherman, Salisbury, $50
Dr. John O. Reynolds Jr., Salisbury, $50
Gene Wall, Salisbury, $150
Gale Hellard, Salisbury, $50
E. William Wagoner, Salisbury, $50
Antonio J. Almeida, Salisbury, $50
Susan Sides, Salisbury, $50
Robert Victor Wallace, Salisbury, $50
William R. Wood III, Salisbury, $100
Luke C. Fisher, Salisbury, $100
Norde D. Wilson, Sebring, Fla., $100
Richard A. Reetz Salisbury, $50
Daniel P. Fisher, Salisbury, $100
Tom E. Smith, Salisbury, $50
David B. Post, Salisbury, $50
Joe Antosek, Salisbury, $100
H.D. Abernathy, Salisbury, $50
Graham M. Carlton Jr., Salisbury, $75
Cheryl L. Miller, Huntersville, $100
Committee to Elect Mark Lewis, Salisbury, $100
Paul Woodson
Jeroen Van Wagenberg, Salisbury, $100
Glenn Allen, Rockwell, $100
Mona Lisa Wallace, Salisbury, $100
Thom Dillard, Salisbury, $100
Ed Hall, Salisbury, $100
Lee Johnson, Salisbury, $100
Ola Rutledge, Salisbury, $200
Tippie Miller, Salisbury, $100
Elizabeth Bauk, Salisbury, $100
John Lipscomb, New London, $200
Robert Cook Jr., Salisbury, $100
Elizabeth Woodson, Salisbury, $100
Fred Stanback, Salisbury, $100
J.C. Ritchie, Salisbury, $100
Cecil Farrington Jr., Salisbury, $100
Dyke Messinger, Salisbury, $100
Paul Fisher, Salisbury, $100
Dr. Fred Dula, Salisbury, $300
Dr. Vance Merhoff, Salisbury, $190
J. Max Kent, Salisbury, $150
Clay Lindsay, Salisbury, $100
Luke Fisher, Salisbury, $100
Matt Barr, Salisbury, $100
Danny Fisher, Salisbury, $100
Mark Lewis, Salisbury, $100
Norde Wilson, Sebring, Fla., $100
Vernon Bennett, Salisbury, $100
Owen Norvell, Salisbury, $100
Cliff Ritchie, Salisbury, $100
John Harlan, Salisbury, $100
Tom Abramowski, Salisbury, $100
Eddie Hampton, Salisbury, $100
Dr. Wayne Cline, Salisbury, $250
Bill Graham, Salisbury, $100
Candidates also will complete a year-end report, due Jan. 27, 2012.
The reports are available online under “campaign finance” at www.co.rowan.nc. us/government/Departments/BoardofElections.aspx .
Contact reporter Emily Ford at 704-797-4264.