Letters to the editor – Thursday (11-3-11)

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hold banks accountable for their improper actions
It is not as simple as ěIf you canít afford it, you should lose it,î as you often hear regarding the continuing foreclosure miasma. Banks acted illegally, caused the markets to falter and decimated the housing industry in which I invested a career. Then they were bailed out with our money, and since we lost our way of making a living mostly due to their actions, we are now losing our homes. Mine was not a ědubiousî mortgage liability as a sub-prime loan, but a solid middle-class worker buying a reasonable ěinvestment.î Having the (homeís) carpet ripped out from under us is not the way it should be. Now the banks are lobbying for legislation that will hide their illicit practices and protect them from lawsuits and legal exposure. Enough is enough. Letís hold the administration to task to bring the whole of this debacle to light and protect the (former) middle class workers who did so much to make this country great.
ó Gordon Kelse Furr
Jobs should be priority
Salisbury voters, why is it that all jobs go to Charlotte? Not even the capital of North Carolina is talked about like Charlotte when it comes to jobs. Itís time to vote and show what we want. Please look for jobs here.
ó Louise Lewis
Vote for LaFevers
My, how our memory fails us ó or does it, really? Politicians running for office all promise us many changes, get into office and then, when they are running for re-election, campaign for the same things. They had four, eight or even more years in office; why didnít these candidates do this while they had a chance? Also, please review the facts before you vote and make sure the candidates you are considering voting for are not some of the ones that turned their back on your town in the past. If you live in Granite Quarry, you know what I am talking about.
My husband, Arnold Crook, was on the Granite Quarry town board for many years, and I know how important these jobs are. It takes good people to man up and serve a town, keeping the townís interests in mind and not just individual goals.
I know one good man running for office in Granite Quarry. He is my brother Jim LaFevers. He is a good family man, a good Christian man, seven days a week, not just one, and has been a very successful businessman. Please vote for him.
ó Lena Sellers-Crook
Granite Quarry
Leaders for Kannapolis
The town of Kannapolis, in particular the downtown area, is sorely lacking leadership in attracting businesses to the area. I think itís about time for some new blood sitting at the City Council table.
I have talked with and gotten to know the candidates Ryan Dayvault, Tom Kincaid and Roger Haas, and I believe they have what the town needs to help get back on track. They know we need to create a welcome environment to attract more businesses. This in turn will help us with taxes, selling them homes (to increase or maintain our home values) and bring life back to our beautiful town.
The same old people and thinking is just plain stinking. It will be the individual businesses/entrepreneurs that will bring life back to our town. N.C. Research Campus employees need these businesses/entrepreneurs for their products and services too.
ó Sharon Mendoza