Letters to the editor – Wednesday (11-2-11)

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Voters should inform themselves — and pray
When we go to the polls, we should make an effort to educate ourselves on who is running for president and Congress. More important is taking the time to pray, to cause God to move.
Bible Scripture says thou shalt stand for justice. Justice thou shall pursue, thou shall run after it.
I couldn’t help but think about presidential candidate Herman Cain. My sister said he had mentioned a “999” tax plan, which caused her a lot of concern. I had planned on voting for him for president but changed my mind after she told me that she believed that plan turned upside down might look like “666.” She might have been given some hindsight.
The next president should put National Prayer Day permanently on May 5. Otherwise, this holiday could be removed some time in the future. This is why it needs to stay on May 5. I called the White House to comment on this, and the telephone volunteer said she would give President Obama the message. Prayer should be the utmost thing for a nation.
The next president should allow no more bailouts — absolutely none. My taxes also should not go for things like giving the United Nations more than $3 billion. The government should cut waste and spending. Also, the government needs to cut out some regulations for small businesses. I heard there are too many regulations; if this is true, it needs to end. That way, there’s a chance for more job opportunities. We need our taxpayer money to provide more for things in public schools and for college grants.
I’m asking our government, where is your heart?
May the Lord be with us.
— Carolyn Osian
Vote for Dayvault
Please, could I have a minute of your time? I want to encourage you to vote for Ryan Dayvault, who is running for the Kannapolis City Council.
I have known Ryan for about 10 years, including his four years as a student at Catawba College. Ryan is extremely intelligent, very ambitious, dependable and inquisitive. Just the talents I looked for when I was with Food Lion. In my opinion, Ryan, if elected, will spend many hours studying ways to improve operations. This effort will save Kannapolis’ taxpayers money, pretty much what I tried to do for the customers of Food Lion.
Thank you for taking time to read my endorsement of Ryan.
— Ralph W. Ketner
Ketner is a co-founder of the Food Lion supermarket chain.
Re-elect Roger Haas
I write this letter to lend my support to re-elect Roger Haas to the Kannapolis City Council. He has been my church Sunday School teacher for many years. The experience and background he brings to our class are the same characteristics he shows serving on the council.
He is always prepared and spends the time necessary to thoroughly know the subject at hand. He is dedicated and always dependable. He uses his available time wisely and makes his thoughts clear for you to understand. His integrity and moral background serve as a basis to assist in his decision-making.
No one is better suited to serve our community and be our representative. Join me in supporting Roger Haas for re-election to the Kannapolis City Council.
— Tony Sloop
Kincaid for Kann. council
I would like to tell you why Tom Kincaid is the candidate we need for the Kannapolis City Council. His leadership ability is evident by the job he did as president of the Kannapolis Rotary Club. That year the club grew by 25 members. He was instrumental in securing a permanent meeting place, now named Rotary Hall, which also includes space for the History Associates of Kannapolis.
After returning from a medical mission trip to New Orleans after Katrina, he organized a collaboration between Rotary and Charlotte Presbytery to provide a medical trailer that could travel to provide needed care after a disaster. Rotary raised $15,000 through a golf tournament to outfit the trailer into an “emergency room on wheels.”
He has successfully owned and operated Caremoor Retirement Center of Kannapolis for almost 20. His business has provided a much-needed and appreciated service to the people of Kannapolis. His business and “people” experience will be very valuable on the City Council.
While serving on the council, he worked hard to secure the Kannapolis Health Alliance to be built on its present location, the PBH Building to be built on the Kannapolis Parkway and to negotiate the purchase of the Kannapolis baseball stadium.
He has shown us by his past behavior to have the energy and excitement to do a great job for the citizens of Kannapolis. With him come new and fresh ideas, and I encourage you to cast your vote for Tom Kincaid for Kannapolis City Council on Nov. 8.
— Linda B. VanPelt
Roger Haas: A close-up view
You read many letters written in support of candidates for local offices. They will cite background, education, experience, etc. as reasons they deserve to be elected.
However, I write from a different perspective since one of the candidates is my husband, Roger Haas, who serves on the Kannapolis City Council. I get to see the personal side of serving. Here is one of the characteristics that is important to the job.
A 10-minute visit to the post office takes 25 minutes as he stops to talk to a citizen who has a concern about an issue. He listens, asks for their opinion, and assures them he will follow through on their concerns. A 45-minute lunch at a local restaurant becomes much longer as he visits with others to let them know what is going on in the city.
We run many errands around town together, and I see this scenario play out almost every day. It shows where his heart is in trying to make a difference in the city. It is time well spent and a part of being a councilman that he loves — trying to be a representative of the people. On Nov. 8, I urge Kannapolis citizens to support my husband, Roger Haas, for re-election to the Kannapolis City Council. He is truly working for you.
— Kathy Haas
The road to the election
To those who are running for Kannapolis City Council, the ones who endorse paving Glenn Avenue as one of their top priorities will be the ones who get my vote. Anyone who drives to McKnight School, Baker’s Creek Park or Big Elm Retirement Center knows this road is a disgrace to the city of Kannapolis, and something needs to be done about it.
— Lynn E. Harrington
Keep Haas on council
I am a small business owner in the motorsports industry and have had a great business relationship with Roger Haas for many years. In fact, he assisted me in the start-up of my business. I write this letter recommending that all Kannapolis citizens re-elect Roger to the Kannapolis City Council.
He is well-respected in the industry due to his knowledge, fairness and willingness to assist in any area needed. Candidates come from all walks of life and backgrounds, but I have found that those who are successful in business have the attributes that make them good representatives of the people.
Roger knows the trials of meeting a payroll, making decisions based on gathered facts, and has a true appreciation of being a good steward of finances. In business, we expect a return on our investment. In government, the investor is called a taxpayer and he deserves the same. It is in running a business as Roger does that you learn accountability.
He can apply his business experience to continue to improve the processes, focus on citizen needs and use information to drive improvements.
In these tough economic times, we have a critical need for city leaders such as this. That’s why you should support Roger Haas for re-election to the Kannapolis City Council.
— Stan Rabineau