Livingstone students walk to vote

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 28, 2011

By Nathan Hardin
SALISBURY — Dozens of Livingstone students walked from the campus to Rowan Public Library to vote on Friday as part of the school’s emphasis to get students engaged in the community.
Terri Stevenson, director of Student Activities at Livingstone, said students began walking to vote in 2008 for the presidential election.
“We’ve been walking to vote for the past couple of years,” Stevenson said. “There’s such a history, especially with minorities, as far as voting.”
Stevenson helped coordinate the event and said the cold weather on Friday may have dampened the walk’s turnout.
“We’re going to be happy with what we get,” she said, “but we are telling them that by Tuesday to go vote.”
Darian Edwards, a junior, said Friday was his second time walking at Livingstone.
“I was not 18 yet in 2008” for the presidential election, Edwards said.
Since then, though, Edwards has been voting, partly because it’s required through the school, partly because he said it’s his responsibility.
“We’re the people of the future in a couple of generations,” Edwards said. “We are the ones that are going to be running the show, so to speak.”
Tre Mitchell, a walking voter, said he thought the school did a good job of informing students about the candidates.
Mitchell said the school set up an assembly on Wednesday to let students hear from the candidates and then speak with them in person.
“I think it’s set up pretty good,” he said.
For the most part, the walkers moved quickly through the streets, many wearing hoodies and coats to keep warm. The walk was about a mile from the college’s campus.
Freshmen Alexis Roland and Kia Spell were walking in a group near the rear of the line.
“To be honest, it’s required,” Roland said. “But I think it’s good.”
“The assembly was very good,” Spell added, as she spoke about her knowledge of the candidates.
“I’m excited,” she said. “I can’t wait.”
Robert Piarson, a Livingstone freshman, said “it was a good experience” as he emerged from the voting booth.
“I’m from Atlanta.” he said, “It’s new voting in another state.”