Undercover investigators bust cocaine deal

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 27, 2011

By Nathan Hardin
MOORESVILLE — Undercover Rowan County deputies capped a weeklong investigation on Tuesday when officers said they caught two men exchanging a kilo of cocaine on N.C. 152.
According to a Sheriff’s Office report, Nicholas Lopez-Ayon of Salisbury met with Juan Carlos Resillos of Kannapolis and were both driving to a location to make the sale.
Deputies said the price of the seized cocaine, as a whole, was about $30,000. Sold in seperate amounts, the drugs are worth about $80 a gram, or $80,000 total. A kilo is 35.27 ounces.
The men, who were driving seperate vehicles, were stopped near the intersection of Corriher Grange Road and N.C. 152 near Atwell.
The cocaine was found in a Koolaid box in the back seat, the report said.
Both men were charged with two counts of felony trafficking cocaine and felony conspiring to traffick cocaine.
They were each given $500,000 bonds and were in jail on Wednesday.
According to the Sheriff’s Office, Lopez-Ayon was also wanted on drug charges out of South Carolina.
Deputies believe the man skipped town after paying a $150,000 bond in 2006 when authorities found him with cocaine and marijuana.