Men accused of shooting into two Rockwell homes

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 27, 2011

By Nathan Hardin
Two men have been charged after deputies say they shot into two Rockwell homes from a car Tuesday night.
According to a Sheriff’s Office report, 18-year-old Matthew Ryan Lowry, and 22-year-old Ty Robert Smith were arrested after one of the victims identified the men for deputies.
The report said Bryce Honeycutt, 8370 N.C. 52, told authorities he “thought he heard banging on the side of his house” at about 10:30 p.m. He later realized the home had been hit with bullets, the report said.
About 15 minutes after the shooting, Keith Rattz, 610 St. Peters Church Road, heard gunfire outside of his home and told officers he “hit the floor while the shots were going on.”
When Rattz, 19, looked up, the report said, he saw a black Ford Escort with no hood driving away from the residence.
Rattz told authorities he recognized Lowry and thought he recognized Smith also.
Officers went to Lowry’s home where they found the black car.
The report said the vehicle was still warm to the touch and deputies asked to search the home.
As another unit was on the way to Smith’s home, the report said, Lowry admitted to officers that he had taken part in the shooting.
Deputies arrested Smith and Lowry on charges of felony shooting into an occupied residence.
They were both given $10,000 bonds and were in jail on Thursday.
The investigation is ongoing.