Yesterday: Sisterly outing

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 23, 2011

John Lowery’s 93-year-old aunt, Audrey McKagen Cole, recently sent this picture of her and Lowery’s mother, the late Eleanor McKagen Lowery. That’s Audrey on the right and Eleanor on the left. The photograph was taken in Henderson’s Woods in Salisbury circa 1925. Audrey Cole now lives in a retirement home in McLean, Va. ‘There were no parks to play in, but Mother took us on picnics and outings in Henderson Woods, the cemetery and waterworks,’ Cole wrote in a letter to John and Becky Lowery. ‘I’m guessing 1925, but I’m not sure what the date was. One time — possibly this was it — we saw a spreading arrow snake in Henderson Woods! I won’t forget that. Our ‘pongie’ dresses were made by Mother. She sometimes dressed us alike. She kept us pretty much in style, though there were very few shops for youth’s clothing. Salisbury needed to grow up.’