Union Lutheran youth raise money for tornado relief

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 22, 2011

A group of 15 children at Union Lutheran Church have learned that their efforts really can make a difference.
Through fundraising efforts, the group helped raised more than $2,200 that will go to tornado victims.
They raised the money through “God’s Little Art Gallery,” held for the first time recently at Union Lutheran Church.
The event showcased the arts and crafts of a group of the Sonshine Kids, who meet Wednesdays from 4:30 to 5:30.
In April, Ann Brady says, the kids “couldn’t stop talking about” the tornadoes that had hit.
“They were so concerned about the people affected by the tornadoes.”
So they began to talk about what they could do, and someone suggested selling their art.
So this summer, they spent every Wednesday afternoon making things to raise money for North Carolina tornado victims
They painted pictures with fingerprints paints, decorated clay pots of all sizes with paint and other items, made tithing boxes, bookmarks with watercolor art and hand painted coasters with stencils and Bible verses. Donated flowers and plants were added to some of the pots and others were filled with all kinds of small treats and gifts.
“The kids are so proud of themselves,” Brady says. “They worked really hard. I was proud of them. They gave their time, energy and talents.”
In addition to their arts and crafts, with help from church members and the community, a silent auction of themed baskets was offered, along with a bake sale and spaghetti supper.
The “Sonshine Kids” offered their voices in eight beautiful songs, including a song of thankfulness to those attending.
More than $2,200 has already been raised, with money still coming in.
Once there is a final tally, proceeds will go to the local American Red Cross to be given to tornado victims in North Carolina.
The Sonshine Kids are under the direction of Kay Morgan, Ann Brady and Tonya Brittain.