Editorial: Poverty and welfare — women still hit hardest

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 22, 2011

ěSome kids think itís funny if they are failing,î she said. ěI tell them itís not funny. Itís not funny being a grownup and having to live at home with your mother. Itís not funny having kids and not being able to buy clothes for them. Itís not funny having to stand in line at Social Services.î
tighten the laws on abortion
scoff at free health care
pretend we live in a world where premarital sex does not exist
not asking the world to condone it or finance it …
poor should abstain
sex is something you should only do if you can afford it.
If men had to give birth and raise the fruit of their wombs, the debate would be different. In fact, there would be no debate.