Letters to the editor – Saturday (10-22-11)

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 21, 2011

Presidentís jobs plan strikes the wrong chord
Iíve finished reading President Obamaís 155 page ěAmerican Jobs Act.î Hereís my favorite line in the whole package: ěThis legislation is fully paid for. The legislation includes specific offsets to close corporate tax loopholes and asks the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share that more than covers the cost of the jobs measures.î
The problem, as I see it, is that there are over a million tax consultants in this country, and almost as many ways for millionaires to further protect their money from higher taxes. So weíll end up with less revenue and fewer jobs. Itís just another stimulus package to provide a few temporary jobs, as well as more pension-fund money for labor union leaders (as did the $26 billion ěteachersí aid packageî that was signed in August 2010).
On a personal note, I really love my Martin guitar, but I may trade it for a Gibson, even though both use the same woods for building their high-end guitars. Martin donates heavily to the Democratic Party while Gibson donates to the Republican Party, and I believe this is why Gibson may be forced to move overseas. The Department of Justice has determined that Gibson ěmayî have violated Indiaís and Madagascarís exotic-wood export policies, even though Gibson has the proper paperwork. Armed FBI agents raided Gibson and seized more than $1 million in inventory without filing any charges. According to Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz, the Department of Justice suggested that Gibson should move some production work overseas to avoid future hassles.
On the other hand, did anyone notice that the state of Oregon recently got $5 million in taxpayer funded ěperformance bonuses?î Not for bringing in new businesses, or even creating new jobs. Nope. The bonuses are for successfully getting so many more people signed up for SNAP (food stamps).
Great jobs plan!
ó Steve Pender
Thanks for a great outing
I would like to acknowledge Bill Gilland of Rowan County Parks and Recreation for the excellent job he does in representing Dunns Mountain Park. Last Friday a group of ladies, myself included, decided to enjoy a picnic at Dunns Mountain while enjoying the beautiful view and fall colors. Mr. Gilland went out of his way to assist us and made our experience a very pleasant one. He was very professional and informative about the park and the history surrounding it. We all enjoyed the day and thank Mr. Gilland for helping it to happen.
ó Nedra Chapman
Recyling in China Grove
Regarding the town of China Groveís decision to provide recycling collection:
It seems many residents of China Grove donít realize how fortunate we are to have S.H.A.R.K.S. Recycling Inc. collecting our weekly recyclables. They have made it so easy now, since all types of materials can be placed in just one bin. We can recycle papers, cans, glass, shredded paper in bags, plastic containers and so much more than we could do previously. All this prevents usable materials from entering our landfills.
Please take a little time to help our environment and make this collection service a welcome addition to our community. We need more participation in this effort.
ó Joanne Bryla
China Grove